ISBN:    9781476791739
Publisher:    Simon and Schuster
Language:    English
Page Count:    420
Publication Date:    4/9/2014
Size:    7.40" l x 5.22" w x 1.11"
Series:    N/A

Softcover book in like new condition

Hiroshima was an event of such magnitude that it divided history into two periods, before the bomb and after it - "Day One" of a new age, in which all life would be at risk. Almost seventy years later we are still dealing with the fallout of the bomb's creation. Peter Wyden has drawn on eyewitness accounts, interviews and documents never before published to trace today's nuclear stalemate to its historical roots. He skillfully weaves together all the strands, stories and characters - scientific, political, moral, military and human - to provide a full understanding of how the bomb was created, why it was used, and what the aftermath of those decisions has been.

Day One Before Hiroshima and After by Peter Wyden


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