Frequently asked


Frequently asked questions

What are examples of books that Second Read Books accepts for trade-in?

  • Hardcover and Trade paperback books for the genres described below (no small mass paperback books)
    • Fiction: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Historical Fiction, General Fiction books dated from 2010 to current
    • History books in good condition (all publishing dates considered)
    • Childrens books in good condition
    • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Topics from 2010 to present
    • Science Fiction especially 1990 to present
      • Tolkien, Arthur C Clarke, GRR Martin, Asimov, Neil Gaiman, Cliver Barker, CS Lewis etc
      • Harry Potter Series
      • Lord of the Rings Series
      • Chronicles of Narnia
      • Stephen King
    • Cookbooks--- Church cookbooks, recent issue 2010 to present
    • Classics, Literature, Poetry--- case by case
    • Gardening Books---Vintage or 2010 to present
    • Woodworking books--- Case by case
    • Business/Leadership--- Case by Case; prefer 2000 to present
    • Biography/Autobiography-- case-by-case basis
    • Local authors-- depends on genre, condition, etc
    • True Crime-- case-by-case basis
    • Young Adult Fiction---- 2000 to present
    • Vintage books--- 1941 and older depending on the condition, genre, author

What are examples of books that Second Read Books Does NOT accept for trade?

We must maintain good quality books in our inventory. There are certain books that we do not accept for trade. These include:

  • Damaged books-- water damage, torn pages, discoloration, odor, excessive writing, broken spines, torn covers etc
  • We do not accept audio books (CD's, Tapes, etc)
  • We do not accept small mass paperback books
  • Advance Reader Copies
  • There are certain Genres that we do not accept due to their low demand or other factors
    • Pornography
    • Political books older than 1 yr
    • Textbooks older than 2 yrs (except antique books)
    • Work books
    • Foreign language books
    • Sports books older than 1 yr
    • Encyclopedias
    • Travel guides older than 4 yrs
    • Any dated books older than 3 yrs (example 2001 World Alamanac)
    • Self help books older than 3 yrs