Reading and collecting books has been our hobby for years. We enjoy visiting our favorite used bookstores in Birmingham, Nashville, and Huntsville. On every vacation, looking for the local bookstore is a highlight of the trip. We enjoy searching for books from our favorite authors or genres at a good price. Once we realized that we could buy quality used books at much lower prices, we avoided the retail stores. How could we pay $22 for a new book when we could get the same book for $9 or less.


For the past few years, we have asked ourselves "Why can't we start a used bookstore in Decatur?"  In Jan, 2018 we decided to go for it! We found a nice location in downtown Decatur and everything progressed quickly. Deciding on a name for the store required some discussion. We wanted a name which was uncommon but also a good description of our store. We settled on "Second Read Books". It's based on those books that are so good that you want to read them for a second time.  Our store is relatively small compared to the B & N's and BAM's of the world, but we have over 8,500 books in the physical store for browsing.  For this website, we plan to feature special books which are available for purchase online or in the store.  As we grow, we plan to offer our entire inventory online.  


A great feature of a used bookstore is that you never know what you are going to find! The inventory changes daily. While looking for your favorite author or subject, you find a new author or title. We want customers to have that experience in our store! We strive to keep our shelves stocked with popular series and authors, but we also want to keep a good selection of vintage books. If there is a specific book that you need and we don't have it in stock, let us find it for you. We can have a new or quality used book delivered to the store within a few business days.


We accept books for store credit or cash. We value the trade-ins based on factors such as condition of the book, popularity of the title, author, or topic, current inventory, and market value. We are selective! We will not accept every book that is offered. And, you are under no obligation to accept our trade-in/cash offer. This ensures that we maintain a good inventory of quality used books and you feel that your receive good value for your trade-in.


Take advantage of our free Wi-Fi while you shop. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay on top of any special events or sales. Please stop in and check out our store!

We have quality books at prices which are up to 90% off of the retail price.


Our prices are competitive with Amazon and Ebay! And, you don't need to wait two or more days to receive your book!


We have a selection of over 8,500 books of various genres as well as vintage books.  


Your purchases support the local economy and the community.


Buying used books is an effective way to reuse or re purpose books that would eventually go to the landfill.


E-readers are fine, but they will never replace the feel of holding a good book.


Providing Outstanding Customer Service is our Goal!


Why Buy from Second Read Books?